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WooCommerce Hosting – Do what you do best! Let us worry about the technicalities. Get peace of mind knowing that your business is safe and sound with Kepler hosting .

Simple & Excellent

Focus on growth instead of techy stuff

Our ambitions are high, and our goals are clear.WooCommerce Hosting is a performance optimised premium service with special configurations to make your e-commerce site blazing fast, and when we say fast! Really fast.

Leaving your hosting in the safe hands of Kepler Hosting means you can focus on creating an exceptional customer experience – without worrying about performance bottlenecks or server downtime.


Why choose Kepler Hosting?

Performance when you need it the most

Experiencing high traffic volumes on Black Friday or during the holiday rush? Don’t worry! With our automated load balancing and resource manager, your site is up and running without a glitch.

Outstanding support included

With our 24/7 Support and dedicated team working for you whenever you need our help!

WooCommerce Optimised stack

With performance being one of our highest priorities and goals. We have created a special Stack and dedicated environment isolated from other site giving your website the resources and space it needs to grow.

Keeping costs low & Room for growth

When running an e-commerce site, pricing is key. With our resource-based pricing for e-commerce, you will get the best price for your site. Check out our WooCommerce Hosting!

Optimised specifically for your site

Do you have an e-commerce with 50 or 1500 products? Don’t worry. We optimise every site during our migration.

99,9% uptime!

We experience all of our data centers running at 99.9 % uptime!

Extended SLAs

To be able to reach us at all times, we offer extended service level agreements (SLA). There are several options to choose from, to suit your needs as best as possible.


Top-Notch Support Ready to help!

We built the platform, we manage our dedicated servers and virtual machines, and of course, we will give our customers second to none support as well. Without you, we would not have much to do!

How we optimize for WordPress

Kepler Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. We run our services on cutting-edge technology and take support to the next level.

Developer ready!

Don’t worry! Our platform is developer-friendly. Giving all the tool options a developer needs. With our support team ready to help you, and you as a developer should feel right at home when working with Kepler!

Support & Developers that care!

With the Kepler team being highly skilled WordPress developers from the core. We care to deliver support and development and always go the extra mile to be sure that we satisfy your needs and help you solve any eventual problems or questions. Providing fast and knowledgeable support is key to any successful WordPress hosting. Using Kepler should be easy and valuable.

We offer instant replied with real humans on the other side standing by 24/7 ready to assist.

Our support technicians will be able to assign you with a personal developer if you run into any problems or need additional development.

Want to take your business to the next level?

You feel ready to take the next step? Book a demo without the e-commerce team, and we will help you find a solution and plan that works for you. Want to take a tour at one of our data centers? Don’t worry! Contact us, and we will give you a tour.

Book a tour & demo

Book a ten-minute demo with our sales team and let us show you the power off Kepler. Remember that you can sign up for Kepler for free. The day you choose to get started with your website, you need to enter a credit card, and you are good to go!

Good to know!

Around the clock, all year round – To be able to reach us at any time we offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs). You can get in touch by phone at all hours of the day, even on major holidays like Christmas. With several options to choose from, you can find the one that suits you best.

An SLA guarantees that you will get professional assistance at a moment’s notice and immediate peace of mind if something goes wrong.

Click Click – Launched! With our automated e-commerce site deployment, you can launch a WooCommerce website in under 3 minutes. Everything in Kepler is Automated, making it very easy for you to work with your sites. No need to know anything, no need to be technical. Our portal is easy to use and ready for you.

Made in Sweden – We operate at state-of-the-art environmental and ISO-certified data centres in Sweden, we also have servers in multiple locations around the world. Our platform is 100% custom build without relying on third-party providers. Rest assured that your data is safe and sound with us.