WordPress hosting
for everyone

Kepler Hosting takes automation seriously. We try to eliminate human errors as much as possible and automate pretty much everything possible.

Giving you the best hosting experience with constant monitoring, backups, and malware checks. We keep a close eye on your website.

Lightning fast, reliable and secure hosting with personal support.

Lightning fast hosting

We use state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized dedicated Virtual machines to make sure your website loads super fast.

Competitive pricing

With our lightning-fast infrastructure, we offer faster hosting for the same or less price!

Uptime monitoring

Be sure your site’s uptime is stable with our custom developed and optimised uptime monitoring.

Daily backups

Safeguard your business-critical data quickly and easily with Simple backup.

Configurable with a single click, you get automatic daily snapshots retainable for a week, month, or even a full year.

Support & Developers that care.

With the Kepler team being highly skilled WordPress developers from the core. We care to deliver support and development and always go the extra mile to be sure that we satisfy your needs and help you solve any eventual problems or questions. Providing fast and knowledgeable support is key to any successful WordPress hosting. Using Kepler should be easy and valuable.

We offer instant replied with real humans (most of our developers are humans) 24/7 ready to assist you

Everything you need
Support & batteries included

Deploy in 45 seconds

Deploy a new site in 45 seconds. Click, Deploy! DONE

Not like any other hosting

Don’t worry about the extra costs of migrating from a different hosting provider. It’s free!

Faster-than-SSD storage

MaxIOPS storage technology, built on enterprise-grade SSDs but up to 2x faster compared to industry-standard servers. Only the best for the highest performance of your WordPress or Woocommerce website.

Control panel, developed in-house

We’ve developed our control panel to give you full control over every aspect of your services and to give you a complete insight into your websites.

Simple but powerful API

Our powerful API lets you manage everything that can be controlled in the control panel.

Incredibly fast

Get impressive load times for your website, backed by our stable and secure infrastructure with thoroughly picked data center providers. You do not need to configure anything yourself.

Free SSL certificate

Don’t worry about adding SSL certificates (HTTPS) to your site. With our automated SSL generation, once you add your domain, you never have to think about SSL again.

Staging environment for each website

Test changes and updates before launching them, we always include a staging environment for each website.

Powerful tools for developers

Tools designed to streamline your everyday life as a developer. Use Blueprints, SSH, Git, WP-CLI and much more.

Security against all malware & bugs

We keep your site as safe as possible against hackers and spam, but if the accident occurs, we fix it free of charge where possible.


Every day we make a backup of all your files and your entire database, you can go up to 30 days back. You can also create your own backup before making any changes.

Support from real humans

Our support team cares about your problems and works efficiently to help you find the right solution. If something goes wrong, we’re here, also if you need advice or have questions about your website.

User management

You can easily invite your developers to get started and work on your website. We have an excellent toolbox for your developers that makes building your site more efficient.

User-friendly & Powerful

At Kepler, WordPress knowledge is not an afterthought, it’s our number one priority. Our team speaks WordPress fluently, has experience in troubleshooting, server maintenance, theme and plugin building and maintenance, contributing to WordPress core, and more!

When an issue is solved we share the knowledge internally. If an issue happens more often we share what we’ve learned in our knowledgebase to help you get things done on your own.

The Kepler dashboard is user friendly and powerful with easy navigation and an overview of all your sites. We give you all the tools with just one click away.

– Kepler gives you powerful and purposes build tools for hosting your website.
– Dashboard overview of all your sites.
– Automated domain management
– Automated SSL generation

We use trusted data centres with the latest hardware and top SLA solutions to give our platform a core infrastructure network to be able to deliver high-end installations for each website in a dedicated environment.


Ready to press ahead?

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Special Solutions

Does your website require special needs? Do you have special integrations, connections or APIs? Don’t worry. We work with large volume sites and technical solutions.

At Kepler Hosting, we can help you with Elasticsearch, Redis, Reverse Proxy, Cache, Plugins and much more. If your site is very technical and needs special solutions, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help.