Kepler Technologies AB (Swedish Limited Liability Company) was founded in 2018 with a desire to provide something different and new based on reliability, speed and automation. We set out to create the best WordPress hosting platform measured against our competitors, and we are living our dream. We want to disrupt the space, push limits and blow our competitors with challenging pricing, easier and faster hosting experience. We are here to push the limits and offer quality WordPress hosting.

Kepler was started by a group of nerdy individuals who saw that no single provider could give us what we needed when launching a new website for our customers. Different hosting providers with the sometimes cumbersome dashboard, bad support and very hard to use interfaces.

We put our development and design team at work and created Kepler Hosting. The name was inspired by the Kepler Space telescope which has had a huge impact on Space technology over the years, Thereafter Kepler Hosting was born with the desire to make a difference in the hosting space.

With the head office in Helsingborg, south of Sweden and the rest of the team working in open workspace around the world where some of us will be awake at any time of the day to give you fast support when needed.

Stay tuned and join our journey to space!


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