WordPress 1 site

Get started with our starship platform “Pay as you Go” This is a starter WordPress package to get you off the ground with exciting performance.


Pay as you go

Everything you need

  • Premium Support
  • Advanced Tools
  • Kepler CDN
  • Powerful servers
  • Multiple locations
  • Monthly charge inkl 25% VAT

WooCommerce 1 site

Get started with our WooCommerce optimised “Pay as you Go” solution. This is a WooCommerce package to get your e-commerce off the ground!


Pay as you go (WooCommerce Plan)

Everything you need

  • Premium Support
  • Developer Service
  • Kepler CDN
  • Optimised servers
  • E-Commerce network
  • Monthly charge inkl 25% VAT

The Kepler Discount Model

Kepler Hosting believes in true pricing and a discount based pricing. The more sites you control, the less they cost per site.
With discounts starting at 5% all the way up to 20% for larger accounts.

Number of sites Discount range WordPress $ 24 /month* Discount based price WooCommerce $ 35 /month* Discount based price
1 site - $ 24 $ 35
3 sites 2% $ 70 $ 96
6 Sites 5% $ 136 $ 199
10 Sites 7% $ 223 $ 325

Try Kepler before you commit!

Want to try Kepler Hosting before you commit? Don’t worry!

When you create a Kepler Hosting account, we give you the full suite with our demo access. Once you are ready and know that Kepler Hosting has the tools you need, you can create your site and request a free site migration!

Our support will be at your service to answer any questions you may have