Installing WordPress on Kepler Hosting has never been easier. When developing Kepler Hosting and our Moonbase platform we really went out to create something that should be really simple.

In this guide you will need a Kepler Hosting account, FTP client for example “Transmit” and about 10 minutes of your time.

1. Create an account

Start by logging into your Kepler Hosting account. If you don’t have an account you can easily sign up here on our website.

2. Create a blank container

Click on the Create Site button. Now you need to create a “Blank install” A Blank install is just a WordPress optimised container that is completely blank and ready for you to upload your website or app.

Now that you have selected “Blank install” you will see a few fields. Site type defines what type of installation you have selected. Now you will need to select which datacenter you would like to launch your site in.

Kepler Hosting currently offers site hosting in 2 Swedish locations, Falkenberg and Stockholm but also in The Netherlands and Finland.

Now you will need to enter your site name. In this guide, we will just use the name “WordPressdemo” as an example:

3. Login via FTP

Congratulations to creating your Kepler Hosting website install. Now it is time to connect to your site’s container. In Kepler Hosting under sites, you will be able to see your created WordPress optimised container.

Click on your newly created site to access your site details, you will find this under the Launch Pad tab.

Now that you have found your Site SFTP details (Host, Username, Password and SFTP port) you can now navigate to you FTP client. In this guide, we are using transmit. (

Start by copying the SFTP Host IP address from your Kepler Base portal. Once copied you add the IP address in the “Adress” field in you FTP client.

Continue with you Username, Password and port.

Once done! You are all set. Click on the connect button (If you are using Transmit you can click on Add to servers to save you details for easy access.) Now you have successfully connected to you site container.

4. Uploading WordPress

The next step is to install WordPress. You will first need to download the latest WordPress version from Click on the “Get WordPress button and scroll down until you see the download button.

Once you have downloaded the WordPress zip file you can either upload the ZIP and use SSH to unzip the file. This is the fastest solution but we are going to do it the old school way.

Start by unzipping the file on your computer and then drag and drop all the files and folders that are inside the “WordPress” folder into your public folder inside of your ftp client.

Now that you have uploaded the core WordPress files you will need to setup your wp-config-sample.php file. We use Visual Code to edit our files. Code can be downloaded for free here. Start by opening your wp-config.php file. You can use the built in editor in Transmit if you dont have code or use any other code editing softwear.

Start by renaming your wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and open it with your editor. It will look something like this.

Now this part can be a bit tricky if this is your first time installing WordPress manually. We now need to navigate back to our Kepler Hosting dashboard to get some database credentials. In the same place where you found your SFTP credentials you will also find your database details.

Copy your database name. As you can see both database name and username are the same. We need to paste the database name and user name in the correct fields in your wp-config file. And last but not least you need to add your database password. It should look something like this.

Once you are done you if you are using transmit just hit save and it should update the file in your FTP client directly. If not you might want to save the file on your computer and reupload it.

4. Installing WordPress

Now it is time to install WordPress. Navigate back to your Kepler Hosting dashboard and click on your site install once there you need to click on your domain tab.

Now that you are in your domain section. You need to copy the primary domain URL and enter it in a blank browser window. If all has gone well you should see the WordPress setup page!

Now you need to follow all the steps. Set the language you want for your install. Set the site title, your username and password and your email incase you need to reset your password.

Are you developing a new website then you should click “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”

Once you are done click “Install WordPress” and you are good to go!

You have now created and installed your WordPress site manually!

Even if Kepler Hosting has an automatic feature that does all this for you it is sometimes good to know how the thing is installed. It makes it easier to tweak things and make changes later for example if you move a site from another host to Kepler Hosting you will know where to change your database details.

But don’t forget Kepler Hosting offers free migration from ANY hosting provider as long as we get the necessary details to perform the migration.

Try Kepler Hosting today without commitment! All you have to do is create an account and give it a try with our demo installation. Once you are ready to go live with your wordpress site, click on the “Create site” button and enter your credit/debit card details and you are all set!