A few notes to begin with before we dig into the review between Kepler Hosting and Loopia.se. Our review below is strictly our conclusion and opinion and we always try to review different services as fare as possible to state and show the differences between Kepler Hosting and the services we review.

Let us get started!

We have chosen to review Loopia.se and will perform the following steps. In our guide, we will state the differences between the two platforms both in a user-friendly manner but also based on functions compared to the tools we have on Kepler Hosting.

1. Signup & Create an account

Loopia is a multi-service platform offering a wide range of services, Hosting, VPS, email, Microsft 365 and WordPress. They even have their own site builder for more simple sites.

Kepler Hosting has specifically focused on premium WordPress and highly optimised WooCommerce hosting. We do not offer site builder, email or VPS at the moment but VPS services are in our pipeline to come.

1. LOOPIA – Signup & Creating an account

Our first experience when visiting Loopia.se was that we would like to create a website, so we navigated to the WordPress tab and this took us to the WordPress pricing page. At first, we saw 3 different prices. We choose the most popular package “Company package” for 89 SEK and then proceeded to the cart page. Here we could see that the price jumped up to 1000+ SEK for a 12-month contract.

We also noticed the first popup asking us to buy or move a domain. We proceeded without a domain to make a fair comparison with Kepler Hosting as we do not offer domain services.

Now proceeding to the cart we selected a 1-month payment and with the offer, the price is 99 SEK exclusive VAT so the total price including 25% VAT is 124 SEK. Now I am prompted to fill in my billing information to place an order. Once the order is placed I get a Welcome registration email there stating that I will get access to my account within a few moments.

A few moments later an email with my login credentials came.

1. Kepler Hosting – Signup & Creating an account

When creating an account on Kepler Hosting the first experience is the home page where all buttons link to the pricing page but we also have quick signup in the header right away. Our pricing shows on the start page directly making it easy to know what we offer and the price.

Here we click on the first possible Sign up button that takes us to a similar pricing page like Loopia where we see the pricing. Here we selected the Lite WordPress package for 99 SEK we click on the “Sign up for a free demo”

When clicking on the sign-up button we get redirected to the Kepler Hosting register page where we get prompted to create an account.

Once we fill in the account information we directly get access to Kepler Hosting and can see a demo installation. All new users get a 3 month free trial of Kepler Hosting.

The Differences so far

  1. Loopia we need to pay before we get access to our account compared to Kepler where you get access to your to account and can test all features for 3 months.
  2. The signup process is a bit longer and needs more information upfront, compared to Kepler Hosting that only requers account information.
  3. With Loopia, your account credentials are sent via email compared to Kepler where you choose and set your email and pasword during the registration.