Starting the year might be a perfect time to figure out what type of hosting you need and where you should put your website? you might already have to host but might not be happy or you might want to explore the possibilities out there.

Not all hosting providers are equal. Some have more functions than others and some just offer the most simple tools and user experience just to get a website up and running. This can sometimes work for someone who just needs to post a landing page.

With this post, we are going to introduce you to Kepler Hosting and how you can save both time and money with our solutions, platform and tools. We invest in the best infrastructure staying away from AWS, Google Cloud or IBM cloud solutions. Instead of finding local partners who have a likewise goal to push the limits and performance of the larger providers. We also listen to our users, putting tools that are needed in front of every user without any additional cost.

So let get started!

What is WordPress Hosting?
WordPress hosting is a service that provides server space to individuals or organizations who want to establish an online presence by setting up a website. WordPress, which functions as both a blogging tool and content management system (CMS), addresses the needs of those looking for an easy way to build websites with no programming required.

As a CMS, WordPress powers approximately 50% of all websites on the internet. Most web hosting providers offer WordPress-specific plans which allow for easier installation and management of the software.

How does it work?

There are several major features that make up a good WordPress host: speed, reliability, security and scale. Good customer service is also critical to ensure users can get help when they need it most.

Speed: The hosting provider must be able to handle the large amount of traffic that may come from linking to other sites or posting new content frequently. Content delivery network (CDN) is key in this case and if implemented properly with any SDN capabilities can mean a significant improvement in your website’s speed.

Reliability: Providers must make available backups of all hosted files and databases to help recover lost data, as well as keep the hosting platform up and running at all times. Backups need to occur automatically or with minimal delays in order to ensure site uptime.

With Kepler Hosting we built our infrastructure from the group up. We based our platform on local providers where we work with leading partners in each region. UpCloud, Internet Vikings & Glesys. This makes our platform redundant, secure but extremely reliable. Our stack is lightweight making it easy for us to expand with new features but to manage and take quick action where needed. This means that we can address problems faster without major downtime if any at all.

Security: Site owners must trust their web host to protect both the website itself, as well as its users’ personal information. A provider should use security measures such as firewalls and regular audits of servers for malware infestation using programs like Nessus or GFI LanGuard. Several providers also offer security certifications from leading companies like Trust Guard or Hacker Safe to provide reassurance on this count.

The Kepler Hosting platform passes through a wide range of Pentesting, vulnerability testing and of course data protection. We believe in having a streamlined easy to use platform, where your account, is secure and your WordPress Website. We take deep precautions to make sure that your stack (WordPress install) is kept secure from malicious code, malware attacks. Our security team has developed a solution and service that checks each website to make sure that we find any problems before you do.

Scale: The hosting platform needs to be able to grow with the website. It must provide room to expand when traffic increases and new features need to be added, while also being efficient at scale in order to handle high concurrent loads with ease.

Saling with Kepler Hosting is just as easy as spinning a new site. We are here to prove that we are a good provider and will for the rest of the foreseeable future offer 3 months of free hosting for every new user. This is to give you a chance to try our platform.

With your account, you can spin 1 or 100 sites even on the free plan. Scaling is not a problem with Kepler Hosting,

Three ways another WordPress
host might be costing you.

  • Slow Portals & Infrastructure.
  • Limited features and plans
  • Bad and lousy support.

Slow portals, bad UX and slow-performing infrastructure impact your site performance and SEO. A slow site makes it hard to retain users and visitors. Today most visitors are impatient. If your current hosting provider does not provide good infrastructure, User experience and a good portal to do the work needed then this might be costing you both time and money.

With Kepler Hosting we try to have a 3 click perspective. you should be able to do everything in our portal with 3 clicks. Without a powerful dashboard and fast infrastructure with Kepler Hosting you will for sure save both time and money in the long run.

Kepler Hosting offers all our features in all plans. The tools are the same. The difference between the Lite plan and Pro plan is specific features. We have the ability to add dedicated resources to your site container. For example more cores and ram. This feature is only available in the pro plan.

Our support offers you the tool and knowledge needed to get things done. We also to some extent help you with your WordPress website if things are not working. We also offer a developer service where you get access to professional WordPress developers!