Launching new features is the best thing and makes our team really happy to present you with the latest tools and features we are offing you.

This week is launch week, and we are back with another SSL & Certificate update! This time we will show you a bit more about how things work and what you can do.

If you read our earlier blog post, we did a major upgrade with our Loadbalancer making it possible for you to manage SSL through our portal Kepler Base.

Everything starts with domain management. Here compared to our previous version, you could only add a domain once the domain was pointing to our load balancer, and once the domain was added, we could only then generate the SSL. All this was automatic, and you, as a user, did not have any control.

But this has now changed; now you have a choice to add domains, multiple domains and then select what domains should have a certificate either with Let’s Encrypt or by adding a custom SSL certificate.

Stay tuned for more updates!