Kepler Hosting is powerful, and we keep developing new tools to make life easier for you. To help you managing a WordPress or WooCommerce website in Kepler Hosting, you have the “Cache” and “Tools” tab with functions to assist the works.

Kepler Tools


The Kepler Monitoring tool is built to help monitoring your sites vital parts. This is an optional feature is enabled by default but can be disabled if you like. The Monitoring tool checks automatically for uptime, DNS health and a wide range of other parameters so that we can ensure your site has a perfect uptime. All you need to do is click “Enable” or “Disable” as you like.

Password Protection

Password Protection is used if you want to lock your site during development or make it a private site. With the build-in HTTP Auth tool, you can easily set a username and password by clicking “Enable” and easily disable when not needed anymore.

PHP Version

PHP Version is an automated tool for you to automatically and seamlessly upgrader or downgrade your PHP version. Currently, Kepler Hosting offers PHP 7,2, 7,4 and the latest PHP version 8. All you need to do here is click “Change”, then select the version you want and hit save. Our automation systems do all the work for you.

Public Path

The Public Path specifies the virtual directory where your files will be served from. (This is more a Developer friendly tool) but we have it out there for everyone to use. All you need to do is click “Change”, enter the new path you would like your files to be served from and then hit save.

Restart PHP

Sometimes clearing cache and restarting your PHP workers can solve most problems This tool restarts your PHP engine. This may help clear some issues that may lead to site connection problems. If you notice any server related issues. Then by restarting PHP will in most likely solve the problem.

Search & Replace

Search & Replace will save you a lot of time. When migrating a site or if you change the domain, the “Search & Replace” tool will help you to automatically swap domains, change urls and fix SSL mixed content issues.

All you need to do is click “Change”. Enter the search value. Click “Replace” and enter the replace value and hit run. Our systems will then scan all database tables and perform a replace.

Cache Ignore

The “Cache Ignore” tool is our latest tool. This gives you the ability to ignore URLs from being cached. For example, if you run a WooCommerce website and you might not want to cache your cart & checkout pages. We made this tool to keep the caching flexible and powerful.

Our “Cache & Ignore” tool is still in beta. Stay tuned for a full blog post on our “Cache & Ignore” tools and settings.

Cache & Clear Cache

The “Cache” tool enables and disables cache on your server. The Kepler Hosting cache system is server-side.

The Clear “Cache” to makes it really simple to clear the cache completely!

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